Airport and Heliport equipment

Many companies have obstruction lights or helideck lighting. But buying every light from a different company can have its disadvantages. So we from Holland Aviation have all the things you need on and around a helideck, heliport, and airport.

Aircraft on the ground

A helicopter or airplane can not stay in the air for every. So there are moments when it needs to be on the ground for Maintainance or just to wait for the next passengers. When that happens you need to make sure that aircraft can not go anywhere. We can help you with that. Our wheel chocks are great for that. But before that, you also need to make sure that the aircraft makes it safe to the ground. We also have something to help with that. Our obstruction lights for example.

Lighting obstructions

An obstruction is a fixed object that is extending above an obstacle protection surface. And should be lighted if the runway is used at night. The marking and/or lighting of obstacles are intended to reduce hazards to aircraft by indicating the presence of obstacles. Low-intensity obstacle lights. Type A or B should be used where the object is a less extensive one and its height above the surrounding ground is less than 45 m.

helideck and heliport lighting

So we talked about obstructions but it is also really important to light your helideck or heliport. The HA ELD heliport perimeter light can mark the touch-down and lift of area. The good color contrast of the HA ELD heliport perimeter light helps pilots to see the heliport while approaching and landing at night and in bad weather conditions. Additionally, flat versions of the perimeter lights are available in the colors green and white to mark the edge of the landing area and approach lines.