Equipment and signs

We do not just manufacture windsocks and lights. We also manufacture a variety of markers, signs, wheel chocks as well as other equipment you need on a helideck, heliport, or airport.
The marking or lighting of obstacles is intended to reduce hazards to an aircraft by indicating the presence of obstacles such as buildings.

Landing the aircraft.

Heliports and helidecks may be closed for use permanently or temporarily, for instance when a crane is working overhead the helideck. In such cases, the helideck or heliport needs to be marked with a prohibited landing marker. Cars moving on airports airside and not equipped with a fixed obstruction light shall be marked with an obstruction flag.

Parking your plane

After landing and taxiing to the gate a marshaller will guide you to the exact parking spot The Holland Aviation marshaling bats are being used by marshallers. These marshaling bats also come with a simple guide on the best-known marshaling signals.

Keep your plane in place.

When you have parked your plane, the last thing you want is the aircraft to move. The best way to keep it in place is with Holland Aviation wheel chocks. To help you pick the right wheel chock we have a visual guide.