Portable Airfield Lighting

Portable airfield lighting solutions by Holland Aviation. From simple manual controlled to Mesh system remote controlled and even LORA controlled where you can control your LORA lights with your computer.

Ideal for every airport

Holland Aviation portable airfield lighting solution is suitable for every airfield and airport. If the runway lighting is malfunctioning you can quickly deploy Holland Aviation PL5 lights which are always ready for duty in the road going trailer. The trailer is equipped with an intelligent charger that stops charges when the light is fully charged. You can drop the lights back in the trailer and connect the trailer to the grid to have the lights recharged

Easy to charge

We have charging stations cases for 5, 8, and 18 PL5 lights. By simply dropping the lights into the charging stations in the case or in the trailer, the portable lights will be charged. Charging is complete within 8 hours. The intelligent charger keeps the batteries of portable lights in the best condition.

Completed the following tests

The PL5 completed many tests to make sure you get the best possible product. The light has completed the following tests: Jetblast test >400 km/h (216 Kts), Impact tests, drop-test, 0,7, 1,0, and 2,0 meters height. Battery endurance test at different intensity settings. Light output, Climatic conditions heat, and cold, EMC tests. This is why we can recommend this light for any airport.

Holland Aviation runway