Airport windsocks

The main purpose of windsocks, installed on airports, airfields, heliports and helidecks, is to give the pilot an indication of the wind direction and strength. This helps to make a perfect landing. Windsock are installed next to the signal area but also close to both ends of the runway, clearly visible, both by pilots and ground personnel. It also helps to determine the take-off or Landing direction, because this must always be heading into the wind.

In our shop, you will find different sizes airport windsocks. Available colours: Orange, Red/White, Orange/White, White, Black/White or Yellow. Of course we also have complete windsock assemblies with various options. They can be unlighted for airfields operating under VFR conditions, Internally or externally lighted, for Airports operating day and night. These assemblies comply with International rules. They are stronger than the requirements set out in advisory circulars.

Within our airport windsocks, you can find both new and replacement windsocks. There are several different windsocks available, like externally lighted or even solar powered windsock assembly packs. Furthermore, there are a number of windsock parts available, like swivel frames and frame adapters.

Windsocks in aviation

The main purpose of windsocks in aviation, installed on airports, airfields, helipads and -ports, is to detect from what direction and speed the wind is blowing. They are usually installed on the outside of runways and landing strips, clearly visible by both pilots and ground personnel. Ideally for take-off and landings, the wind is blowing towards the front of the cockpit. This way, pilots have better control over the plane during landing and more lift during take-off.

Within our shop, you can find airport windsocks that are provided with a full assembly. These assemblies are able to withstand stronger winds than, for example, visibility flags. Furthermore, they won't wrap around the assembly pole and they won't rupture or detach from the installation as well. Windsocks are available in different color combinations, like orange, blue/white, green/white and red/white.