HA lightly faded windsock 70x200cm reinforced with leather

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discolored windsock, metric size

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HA lightly faded Windsock 70×200 cm reinforced with leather

The red lightly faded onto the white.





About Holland Aviation windsocks

Windsocks or wind direction indicators. For Airports, Heliports, Helidecks, Traffic, and Industry made by Holland Aviation.

Holland Aviation windsocks are making their windsocks of the finest quality lightweight materials available and manufacturing them in our windsock studio in Heinkenszand, The Netherlands.


Holland Aviation tests all its fabrics for industrial strength and UV resistance. But they are also testing for colorfastness according to ISO 105 B 02. All of this is by a third-party independent test laboratory. The construction of the windsock allows good water drainage to avoid water pockets in the cage area.

The windsock is double stitched, with a reinforced front hem and grommets. It comes with a lacing cord for an easy attachment to the swivel frame. That is also available at

The windsock gives a reliable wind direction and a good estimated wind speed indication and tells about wind gusts.

For instance, the taper of the fabric windsock is from the throat to the trailing end designed to ensure that the windsock fully extends if exposed to a wind of 15 knots (28 km/hr or 17 mph).

The Holland Aviation windsocks have proven to withstand winds speeds well over 145 Km/h or 75 knots (ICAO requirement)



The red and white alternated windsock is the most well-known version that you will often find at airports, heliports, the industry, and alongside the road. Yet internationally you will see many different colors, such as orange, green, blue alternated, and completely orange. In general, the colors are chosen in such a way that the entire installation is visible. So that the installation is in contrast with the background.


Where should you use a windsock?

What do you need to know about windsocks?




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Additional information



Windsock size

70 x 200 cm


Polyester +/- 185 gr/m2, PU coated


ICAO Annex 14 Vol I, ICAO Annex 14 Vol II., UK CAP 168, UK CAP 437, EASA ADR

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