HA Solar obstruction light system

Completely Autonomous operating system


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HA Solar obstruction light system.

Designed for use in the offshore/marine oil and gas industry. However, it is also suitable for land-based use.

Fully autonomous obstruction light system consisting of one or two solar panels, depending on the lattitude of use and the required period of autonomy. Approx 100 Watt each and a stainless steel battery box. Including an OSH 11 obstruction light.

Choices are:

Choose the number and capacity of batteries in stages of 105 Ah each

Choose the light output of the obstruction light, 10 Cd, 32 Cd, 50 Cd or 200 Cd.

Battery capacity and light intensity will influence the charging time during wintertime or bad weather.

Option, The system is mounted on a Steel Galvanized frame (isolated by nylon bushings), which can be fixed on top of rig legs.

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Additional information

Solar Panel power

2x 100 Watt

Cable Gland Battery Box

2x M20

Cable Gland HA-OSH 11

2x M20

Service life of the LED's

> 75.000 Hours

Light Intensity

According to CAP 437

Power consumption

50 – 200 Watt

Ingress Protection

IP 66


UK CAP 168, UK CAP 437