As the global concerns regarding the COVID-19 are spreading, we sincerely hope that all of you and your loved ones are doing well and staying healthy.
These are very challenging times for everyone. Our aim is to work the best way possible within the government rules until the situation calms down. It is making an impact on everyone, it is a tough and stressful time for business owners, and for all of us. The uncertainty of the situation is also not helping, as nobody knows how long our society will be put on hold. But staying hopeful and making the most of the situation is definitely the best next thing to do right now.

Here at Holland Aviation BV, we are lucky to still be operative. Everybody currently working in our office and factory is healthy and well-stocked on materials. Our timelines and operations should not be affected at this time, except for external influences like transport, etc. We will keep monitoring the situation, follow the guidelines of Health Officials and act accordingly.

We have decided to make some preventive changes, to be on the safe side but also to give our staff the freedom to choose what works best for them. Out of our team of 13 people, some are working from home for a while, and some will keep working on location. Our facilities are always professionally cleaned on a regular basis to make sure everyone stays healthy.

On that note, we are hopeful that this global situation will eventually get better, and that we will all be back soon and be happy that we are all serving you again as usual. In the meantime, we will make an effort to support our locals here as much as possible, and we won’t be hoarding toilet paper or any resources for that matter! We are all in this together and that is how we will make the best of it, by working together!

Much kindness to you all.