Airport windsocks

An airport windsock is specifically used on and around runways of international airports. We offer a wide range of colors: Orange, Red/White, Orange/White, White, Black/White or Yellow. Ofcourse, we also have complete windsock assemblies with various options. They can be unlighted for airfields operating under VFR conditions and internally/externally lighted for airports operating day and night. These assemblies comply with International rules. They are stronger than the requirements set out in advisory circulars.

What is an airport windsock?

The main purpose of an airport windsock, installed on airports, airfields, heliports and helidecks, is to give the pilot an indication of the wind direction and strength. This helps to make a perfect landing. Windsocks are installed next to the signal area, but also close to both ends of the runway. Clearly visible, both by pilots and ground personnel. It also helps to determine the take-off or landing direction, seeing as this must always be heading into the wind.  

Airport windsocks: why are they useful?

In theory airports could also use highly visible flags for this purpose, however airport windsocks are more durable an can better handle severe weather circumstances, such as strong winds and heavy rain. Windsocks will also not get strangled around the pole, which makes it a really reliable source for interpreting wind speeds and directions. Furthermore, an aviation windsock tells pilots the actual speed of the wind. This can be read from its white and orange stripes. Usually each stripe means 3 kots, so by counting the stripes pilots and other aviation personnel can estimate the wind speed.

Airports are mandatory to have windsocks on their runways. This is included in the safety regulations for airports worldwide by ICAO.  

All types of airport windsocks and assemblies

Within our online shop, you can find both new and replacement windsocks. There are several different airport windsock variations available, like externally lighted or even solar powered windsock assembly packs, which is for example useful at night.  Furthermore, there are a number of parts available, like swivel frames and frame adapters. These are used to mount the windsock on a certain location. So when you are looking for airport windsocks or windsock assemblies for an airport, we are happy to help you out.  

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