Would you like to buy a windsock or a complete windsock assembly? Holland Aviation guarantees high quality windsocks and sustainable wind direction indicators.

Windsocks from Holland Aviation

All our windsocks are made of high quality industrial fabrics and are produced by our windsock-department in Heinkenszand, The Netherlands. Our complete windsock assemblies are produced in our metal and electrical workshops. Because we have our own production departments, we can monitor the quality of our products. The high quality windsocks are resistant to extreme weather conditions. As a result, we have satisfied and loyal customers all over the world. It will be our pleasure to help you pick the right product for your specific situation and offer you the best service. In the unlikely event that you experience problems with your product, you can always contact us about your complaints or issues.

Windsocks as a measuring instrument

Windsocks are traditionally used as a measuring instrument for wind speed and direction. Pilots, drivers and sailors use them as a visual instrument to instantly determine wind conditions on site. Windsocks are therefore often placed at airports and on/off-shore locations. In addition, they can also be used by fire brigades or other security services. When smoke or a toxic gas releases in the event of a calamity, it can be quickly determined in which direction the gasses will flow. As a result, windsocks are also placed on industrial sites and refineries.

Purchasing a windsock

Order a windsock online in our webshop. Are you unsure about choosing the right colour or dimensions? Do you want a different windsock size? Would you like to order a complete windsock assembly? Or parts of it? Please contact us for personal advice or request a free offer.