The main purpose of windsocks, installed on airports, airfields, heliports and helidecks, is to give the pilot an indication of the wind direction and strength. This helps to make a perfect landing. Windsock are installed next to the signal area but also close to both ends of the runway, clearly visible, both by pilots and ground personnel. It also helps to determine the take-off or Landing direction, because this must always be heading into the wind.

In our shop, you will find different sizes airport windsocks. Available colours: Orange, Red/White, Orange/White, White, Black/White or Yellow. Of course we also have complete windsock assemblies with various options. They can be unlighted for airfields operating under VFR conditions, Internally or externally lighted, for Airports operating day and night. These assemblies comply with International rules. They are stronger than the requirements set out in advisory circulars.

Windsocks as a measuring instrument

Windsocks are traditionally used as a measuring instrument for wind speed and direction. This makes it useful as a visual instrument for pilots, drivers and sailors to quickly determine wind conditions on site. That's why you can mainly find them at Aviation, Industry and Offshore locations.   In addition, they can also be used by fire brigades or other security services. When smoke or dangerous gases are released, it's possible to quickly determine in which direction it's most likely to move. This way, visual measurments can be taken quickly. For this reason, a windsock is often placed at an industrial site or refinery.  

Purchasing a windsock

Here at Holland Aviation, you can choose between a vast range of windsocks and windsock installations. Are you not sure what materials, colors or dimensions to choose from? Contact us for personal advice.