Looking for windsocks for use in Aviation, Industry, Traffic or Offshore? Within our shop, you can find various windsocks, windsock installations and windsock assemblies. These vary from completele LED lighted assemblies to simple swivel frames. Select your desired industry or application to find the perfect windsock to fit your needs!

Windsocks as a measuring instrument

Windsocks are traditionally used as a measuring instrument for wind speed and direction. This makes it useful as a visual instrument for pilots, drivers and sailors to quickly determine wind conditions on site. That's why you can mainly find them at Aviation, Industry and Offshore locations. In addition, they can also be used by fire brigades or other security services. When smoke or dangerous gases are released, it's possible to quickly determine in which direction the gsses are most likely to move. This way, visual measurments can be taken quickly. For this reason, a windsock is often placed at an industrial site or refinery.

Windsocks at Holland Aviation

All of our windsocks are made of the best materials and therefore have a high European quality standard. The products are UV resistant and can endure severe weather circumstances. This is one of the reasons we have happy customers worldwide. We also provide you with the best service and are happy to help you choose the right product for your specific situation. In the unlikely case you are experiencing problems with your product you can always contact us about your compaints. We give our customers a 1 year warranty after delivery on all of our products.

Purchasing a windsock

Here at Holland Aviation, you can choose between a vast range of windsocks and windsock installations. Are you not sure what materials, colors or dimensions to choose from? Contact us for personal advice.