HA-80 RG SST Windsock assembly internally lighted LED

Stainless steel 316, Marine version

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The HA-80 RG Windsock assembly unlighted.

The HA-80 RG is also available externally lighted and internally lighted.

The Holland Aviation 80 RG SST is made of the finest European materials available.


Some key features of the HA-80 RG SST Windsock assembly are;

  • The windsock gives a reliable wind indication.
  • Together with the wind direction, you read a good estimate of the wind speed.
  • The HA 80 RG SST has low maintenance costs.
  • The lighted versions of the HA 80 RG SST windsock assembly have a low power consumption.
  • The HA 80 RG SST has a tilt-able mast for easy maintenance and replacement of the windsock.
  • The HA 80 RG SST has a reliable illumination system.
  • The assembly has no rotating electric parts.
  • Holland Aviation is not using (mercury containing) slip-rings



The taper of windsocks is from the throat to the trailing end designed to cause the windsock to fully inflate when it is exposed to a wind of 15 knots.

The HA windsock sleeves have been proven to withstand wind speeds in excess of 145km/h (75 knots).
The windsock fabrics have been tested for mechanical strength, UV resistance and colorfastness by an independent laboratory.



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Additional information

Mast support material

SS 316

Mast material

SS 316

Mast length

4800 mm

Mast diameter

Ø 76,1 mm

Swivel Bearings

2 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bearings

Windsock frame material


Internal Lighting

High power LEDs

Power supply

6,6A, 90-240VAC

Power consumption

internal light 12 Watt LED, Obstruction light 5 Watt LED


ICAO Annex 14 Vol II., UK CAP 168, UK CAP 437, EASA ADR