HA ELD LED heliport perimeter light 12/24 Vdc

 Elevated Heliport light

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Holland Aviation ELD Led heliport Perimeter light to mark touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF) for land-based heliports.

Holland Aviation’s ELD, Led elevated heliport perimeter light with glass Fresnel lens, is complying with ICAO Annex 14

Can be supplied in 110-240Vac and in 12-24Vdc with a Led light source that has >75,000 hour lifetime.

HA ELD Led elevated heliport perimeter light is available in the color green, clear white, red, yellow, and blue. The excellent color contrast of the HA ELD Led heliport perimeter light helps pilots to see the heliport while approaching and landing at night and in bad weather conditions.

Additionally, Inset versions of the perimeter lights are available in green and white to mark the edge of the landing area and approach lines.


Difference between ELD and ILD



Additional information


Aluminium, chromated and hot baked powder coated

Light Source

High power LED

Light Output

32 Cd


133x133x200 mm


Borosilicate tempered glass, available in five different colours

Service life of the LED's

> 75.000 Hours

Power consumption

Approx. 5 Watt

Power supply

12-24 Vdc

Ambient Temperature

-40˚ C to + 60˚ C

Ingress Protection

IP 65


Approx. 2 Kg


ICAO Annex 14 Vol II.