HA PL5 Charger station 8 positions

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HA PL5 Charger station 8 positions

The HA PL5 is a portable rechargeable airfield light. HA PL5 RC Portable Airfield Light is easy to use. The HA PL5 is rechargeable in an HA-charger station (5, 8, or 18 lights) or the HA-trailer kit (up to 72 lights). The intelligent charger keeps the batteries of portable lights in the best condition. So that you do not have to disconnect the chargers from the grid after the batteries are fully charged. The intelligent chargers will maintain the status as well as the level of the batteries and drip charge when the battery level requires so.


About the other HA charging stations

To recharge the HA-PL5 Portable Lights, Holland Aviation offers a choice of charging stations to meet customer requirements. Systems offered are:

  • 5-position charger station built in Peli Case.
  • 8-position charger station built in an Explorer case.
  • 18-position charger station built in a Peli case.


It is easy to take the 5-position charger to any place where the lights are in need of charging.

The 8-Position charger Station can be used to charge and transport the lights to any place where the lights are that need charging.

The 18-position charger station can be used to charge and transport the lights to any place where the lights are that need charging.



Holland Aviation makes the HA PAL (Portable aviation lighting) according to the following standards. ICAO Annex 14. ICAO Annex14 Vol.II Heliports, FAA AC 150/5345-50 CAP 168 and NATO Stanag 3534 and 3619.

The PL5 has completed the following tests: Jetblast test >400 km/h ( 216 Kts), Impact tests, drop-test, 0,7, 1,0, and 2,0 meters height. Battery endurance test at different intensity settings: light output, Climatic conditions heat, and cold, EMC tests.

As a result of all these tests, the PL5 is an excellent choice for any airport.

Additional information about the Holland Aviation PL5

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76x48x30 cm

Charging positions

8x with smart contacts

Charging Voltage

12-14,4 Vdc

Charging Current

Max. 3,6 A


Max. 50 mV rms, Max 0,13 A

Ambient Temperature

-20°C to + 50° C, Power is reduced automatically in an increased ambient temperature


Approx. 24 Kgs

Ingress Protection

IP 67