HA PL5 RC Trailer kit 72

 With remote controlled lights

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 HA PL5 RC Trailer kit 72 is a road-going trailer that is easy to use. The trailer enables you to rapidly deploy airfield lights.

HA PL5 RC Trailer kit 72 consists of a road-going twin-axle heavy-duty trailer. Also with 72 portable airfield light units and built-in intelligent charging stations.

One 25 meters long cable COMPLETE WITH Euro plug and sockets to connect the chargers to the grid or a generator. The trailer kit provides easy and safe storage for the portable airfield lights.

To charge, you do not have to remove the lights from the trailer. Connect the trailer to the grid, and the portable lights will be charged by built-in intelligent chargers, charging each HA PL5 light independently.

There is no need to connect the lights to cables or sockets. Simply drop the lights into the trailer’s charging stations, and the portable light will start charging. Charging is fast and within 8 hours.

The intelligent charger keeps the batteries of portable lights in the best condition. So that you do not have to disconnect the chargers from the grid after the batteries are fully charged. The intelligent chargers will maintain the condition as well as the level of the batteries and drip charge when the battery level requires so.


Holland Aviation makes the HA PAL (Portable Aviation Light) according to the following standards. ICAO Annex 14. ICAO Annex14 Vol.II Heliports, FAA AC 150/5345-50 CAP 168 and the NATO Stanag 3534 and 3619.



Additional info

Trailer kit animation




Additional information


4,02×1,59×1,26 m

Weight empty

475 Kg

Max. Allowed weight

1300 Kg

Weight fully loaded

Approx. 1000 Kg


Civil: Aviation yellow RAL 1023

Ingress Protection

IP 44


ICAO Annex 14, ICAO Annex 14 vol II heliports