HA SLS Status Light System

Wave off/Warning light

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HA-SLS status light system for helidecks

 Wave Off/warning light to indicate hazardous situations on the helideck. The HA-SLS light provides a visual marking for the pilot not to land or take off. 


Controller box for controlling all functions of the status light. For installation in the control room. Cable (max. 50m) to connect the status light to the controller unit not included.

Standard configuration allows connection of two synchronised repeaters (type HA-OSH11 optional)



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Additional information

Flash Rate

120 FPM (2Hz)

Light Output

>700 Cd, 2°- 10°, >176 Cd 0°- 90°, Dimmed configuration <60 Cd

Cable Gland Controller unit

2x M20 standard


Aluminium, chromated and hot baked powder coated

Cabinet Material

Steel powder coated gray RAL 7035


Borosilcate glass tempered red

Dimensions Controller unit

340x400x170 mm

Dimensions HA-OSH 11

160 x 240 x 175 mm

Power consumption

Max. 100 Watt.

Power supply controller

100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz

Power supply HA-OSH 11

From controller unit

Service life of the LED's

> 75.000 Hours

Weight HA-OSH 11

5 Kg

Ingress Protection

IP 66, IP 67

Ambient Temperature

-40˚ C to + 60˚ C


UK CAP 168, UK CAP 437