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Swivel frame Ø 30 cm

This can be bought as a spare part or replacement unit for your current windsock assembly.

Slide the windsock over the frame to allow the windsock to easily wind and show the wind speed and direction.

Two stainless steel roller bearings secure a smooth rotation even at very low wind speeds.


The swivel frame is unlighted. But a lighted frame can be found here.

The windsock is not included but can be bought here.

It gives a reliable indication of the wind direction and also the wind speed.

For instance, the taper of the fabric windsock is from the throat to the trailing end designed to ensure that the windsock fully extends if exposed to a windspeed of 15 knots (28 km/hr or 17 mph).

The HA windsocks have proven to withstand winds speeds well in excess of 145 Km/h or 75  knots (ICAO requirement)

Holland Aviation windsocks are made of the finest European materials available.

The Windsock fabrics have been tested for Mechanical strength and UV resistance and also tested for colorfastness all of this by an independent laboratory. The construction of the windsock allows for good water drainage.

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SS 316

Swivel Bearings

2 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bearings