HA Prohibited Landing marker Helideck. incl. storage bag and tie down straps

No Landing Sign

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No Landing Sign / HA prohibited Landing marker Helideck
For certain operational or technical reasons, a Helicopterdeck may have to prohibit helicopter operations. In such circumstances, where the helideck cannot be used, the ‘closed’ state of the helideck shall be indicated by the use of a prohibited landing marker.

The Holland Aviation prohibited landing marker set is standard supplied with a storage bag and tie-down straps

Dimensions are 4 x 4 Mtr red, with a yellow cross.


Additional information


400×400 cm, Yellow bar 50 cm


Tie down straps

Fixing points

Copper grommets every 50 cm


Heavy duty PVC coated nylon


Red with yellow cross


BSEE NTL No. 2011 N-08, Denmark – BL 3-5, HSAC RP 2008-01 2.13, NOPSA (Australia), NORMAM Maritime Authority Standards (Brazil) –NORMAM-27, Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), Norway, UK CAP 437