Obstruction flag for vehicles.

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Daylight obstruction marking

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An obstruction is an object that extends above an obstacle protection surface and shall be marked.

The marking of obstacles is intended to reduce hazards to aircraft by indicating the presence of the obstacles.

All mobile objects shall display flags.

Flags used to mark fixed objects shall be displayed around, on top of, or around the highest edge of, the object.

Flags shall not increase the hazard presented by the object they mark.


Flags used to mark mobile objects shall be not less than 0.9 m square.


Flags used to mark mobile objects shall consist of a chequered pattern, each square having sides of not less than 0.3 m. The colors of the pattern shall contrast each with the other.

Red and white shall be used, except where such colors merge with the background.



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90×90 cm




ICAO Annex 14 Vol I, EASA ADR