Easy to charge

We have charging stations cases for 5, 8, and 18 PL5 lights. By simply dropping the lights into the charging stations. In the case or in the trailer, the portable lights will be charged. Charging is within 8 hours. The intelligent charger keeps the batteries of PL5 in the best condition. So that you do not have to disconnect the chargers after the batteries are charged.

Completed the following tests

The PL5 completed many tests to make sure you get the best possible product.

The light has completed the following tests:

  • Jetblast test >400 km/h ( 216 Kts)
  • Impact tests
  • drop-test, 0,7, 1,0, and 2,0 meters height
  • Battery endurance test at different intensity settings
  • Light output
  • Climatic conditions heat, and cold
  • EMC tests

This is why we can advise this light for any airport.

Manufactured according to

The portable aviation light from Holland Aviation is manufactured according to the following standards. ICAO Annex 14. ICAO Annex14 Vol.II Heliports, FAA AC 150/5345-50 CAP 168 and NATO Stanag 3534 and 3619. But what does that mean?

The FAA says: “The light unit must be lightweight and designed for easy servicing and lamp (or flashtube) replacement. Materials used within the light unit must be selected for compatibility with their environment. All plastic lens parts (including gaskets), that are exposed to ultraviolet radiation or ozone gas must not change color, crack, check, disintegrate, or be otherwise degraded (photometry must remain compliant) and meet the equipment warranty requirements of AC 150/5345-53, Appendix 2. Each light unit must be an independent unit and must flash at the specified intensity or at its highest intensity when control signals are absent.” 

Holland Aviation uses borosilicate glass for the lenses. The enclosure is colour impregnated, impact resistant, glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). In the color Aviation Yellow RAL 1023 or NATO green RAL 6031.