Marshalling bats set of 2, retro reflective

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Holland Aviation marshalling bats set of 2, retro reflective HA marshalling bats.

Marshalling is visual communication that guides pilots to turn, slow down, stop, and shut down engines. But a common use is also to lead the aircraft to its parking stand or runway. Another use is to guide helicopters during touchdown and lift off. It is a part of the aircraft’s ground handling.

The signalman will be responsible for providing standard marshalling signals. These signals are to an aircraft in a clear and precise manner. The signalman should be using the signals prescribed by the ICAO Annex 2 (Rules of the Air) to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The signalman uses daylight fluorescent-colored wands, table-tennis bats, or gloves during daylight hours. At night or in low visibility he must use illuminated wands.

HA Marshalling bats are retroreflective orange on both sides with soft rubber comfort grip handles. Suitable during daytime but also nighttime on a lighted platform.

A set of two is packed in a carton box and contains instructions with the various signs to communicate with the captain of the plane or helicopter.



Additional information

Diameter of the bats

250 X 416 mm




800 Gr.


ICAO Annex 14 Vol I, ICAO Annex 14 Vol II., UK CAP 437, EASA ADR