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HA Wheelchock set 300 mm suitable for 1 wheel.

Wheel chocks are wedges of sturdy rubber material placed closely against an aircraft wheel to prevent accidental movement. Consequently, the surface has a heavy profile to enhance grip with the ground.

Holland Aviation is making this wheelchock out of durable extruded EPDM Rubber.

This wheelchock is suitable for all wheels on Helicopters and also for small/medium-sized Aircraft.

You will never again have the problem that you have one wheelchock in your hand and the other is lost. Because the wheelchocks from Holland Aviation are roped together for ease of use. (to place at the front and back of the wheel.) A must for GSE’s.

There is a yellow retro-reflective strip on all three sides of the wheelchock. So that our wheelchocks do not have a top or bottom. Then you can place is quick without needing to take the time to place them right sides up.


The HA wheelchock is availible in 4 different sizes;

The wheelchock height must be 25% of the height of the tire.


Different wheel chock sizes visually



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Additional information


EPDM Rubber

UV Resistance


Other resistances

Chemical resistance, Hydraulic oil resistance


96x96x300 mm


ICAO Annex 14 Vol I, ICAO Annex 14 Vol II., UK CAP 437, EASA ADR